Integrated Payment Terminals

Integrated Payment Terminals - North America

In the US and Canada MT-POS provide integrated payment processing using both our Gateway or Stripe.

If you want to use an Existing Merchant Account, or if you intend to open a Merchant Account, Choose the MT-POS Gateway.

You can Order Payment Terminal Here after you have registered your Merchant account with our Gateway.

Or you can can use Stripe terminals without a Merchant account.

Stripe process cards via terminals at a fixed rates of 2.7% +10c per transaction. To Register for Stripe Click Here

Integrated Payment Terminals - Outside North America

MT-POS provide integrated payment processing in the following countries using Stripe Terminals.

  • United Kingdom: GBP
  • Austria: EUR
  • Belgium: EUR
  • Czech Republic: CZK
  • Denmark: DKK
  • Ireland: EUR
  • Italy: EUR
  • Finland: EUR
  • France: EUR
  • Germany: EUR
  • Luxembourg: EUR
  • Malaysia: MYR
  • Netherlands: EUR
  • Norway: NOK
  • Portugal: EUR
  • Spain: EUR
  • Sweden: SEK
  • Australia: AUD
  • New Zealand: NZD
  • Singapore: SGD
  • Switzerland: CHF

Readers must be physically located within the country that it is registered to. Readers can only be registered to a location within the country that the device was shipped to or that the connected Stripe account is registered to in order to process payments in the local currency.

Stripe charge a fixed rate of 2.7% +10c per transaction for card payment processing.

Stripe Terminal currently does not support multi-currency presentment or dynamic currency conversion (DCC).

To Register for Stripe Click Here

Non-Integrated Payment Terminals

There are no requirements to use Integrated Payment Terminals.
You can use any payment Terminal outside the system and record the payment in the POS.

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